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 Andrew Clyde, Republican representing Northeast Georgia, says Democrats are afraid of what could happen during the next elections for U.S. House and U.S. Senate, and therefore hiding behind legislation in hopes of not losing control of both bodies. Clyde says it is imperative for Republican voters to stand strong at the ballot box and for Republican elected officials to vote against anything resembling HR1.

Recently we reported that the Corps of Engineers has given the Cherokee County School system a letter eliminating any concerns about wetlands on the site of the expected School of Innovation. Initial work on the site has been suspended for the last three months pending this review and Superintendent Dr. Jeana Conley spoke about the cost of that delay.

AirBNB cabins with rowdy renters are becoming a concern in Towns County according to 2 residents who attended this month’s Commissioner meeting. Sole Commissioner Cliff Bradshaw will consult with the County Attorney to determine the appropriate remedy to the problem.