Win Group Passes to ESCAPE BLUE RIDGE! - The New Escape Room in Blue Ridge!

Win a free pass for four on the Morning Dish!

Escape Blue Ridge has two escape room options!

Prohibition - The year is 1925 and you and your team of investigators are leading the charge against illegal alcohol sales. You will have 60 minutes to solve all the clues. Your mission is to figure out who the crime boss is and defuse the bomb the gang has left behind. Work as a team to get it all done before you and your team blow up. Fun adventure for all ages.

Black Beards Brig- Black Beard's Brig is our newest room that is packed full of fun and adventure. You will start the game in handcuffs! As you enter the room, you will be faced with escaping before the evil pirates come back to determine your fate. Will you be able to escape before the pirates make you walk the plank? This is family friendly and not scary at all. You will have to solve puzzles, unlock various locks, and work as a team to escape the Brig! You have 60 minutes to solve all the clues!

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